Designed for Long-lasting Comfort

Pasture Mask – Feel comfortable while staying protected.

Ezy-Breathe Technology

Pasture Mask offers protection without compromising on functionality.

PM 2.5 Tested

Reduces exposure to cancer-causing pollutants, especially for elderly and children.

Unique Patented Design

Unique design that reduces leakage and thus reduce pollutants leaking inward.

Protecting You and Your Loved Ones

Regardless of age, our range of masks has the entire family covered.

For Seniors

As we age, our immune system and breathing rates are weakened and thus, we are more susceptible to illnesses, making it all the more important for us to pay special attention. With our Ezy-Breathe technology, our masks are designed to be comfortable and easy to use.

For Adults

With protection against environmental pollutants 
(PM 2.5) and germs, Pasture N95 Respirators are ideal for adults to use during medical emergencies. No fit test is required.

For Children

Designed to fit children comfortably, Pasture’s junior-sized face masks help protect children anytime, anywhere with our patented 3D design with Ezy-Breathe technology.

Designed for Secure Protection

Lower Leakage Levels

With the unique Ezy-breathe technology, Pasture face masks are designed to offer secure protection while ensuring uncompromised comfort.

Comfortable to Wear

Marrying function with comfort, Pasture’s face masks don’t just offer protection, but also ensure optimal comfort at the same time.

Patented 3D Design

Features a patented 3D design contoured to seamlessly and comfortably fit the face.

PM 2.5 Tested

Pasture face masks have been tested and proven effective against PM 2.5, otherwise known as fine particulate matter 2.5, which has the ability to travel deeply through the respiratory tract and into the lungs.