Senior Mask

The Hidden Danger

Living in developed countries, with all the amenities and high level of healthcare, we often assume and take for granted the air we breathe in to be ‘clean and green’ – until a medical emergency such as haze, influenza, pandemic or some airborne fallouts happen.

Invisible to the naked eyes are countless microscopic particles that creep through our respiratory system and lodge deep into our lungs. Over time, these culprits can bring about breathing difficulties and other health problems that could become life-threatening.

Covering your nose

Harmful particles in the air could be so tiny that covering your nose and mouth may not be helpful. It could even transmit diseases from your contaminated hands to you and vice versa.


Using Uncertified and Untested Masks

Buying uncertified or untested masks may not be helpful to keep you protected, and neither is wearing a mask incorrectly


Staying Indoors

Staying indoors to avoid the air outside is no fun at all. What’s more, opened windows means air is still able to travel straight into your home.


There’s A Better Way

Introducing the S95 Senior Face Mask – Pasture’s very own researched and tested face mask designed with understanding of breathing capacity of the elderly in mind, providing adequate protection and lower breathing resistance.

    Tested against PM2.5 pollutants
    Features the unique Ezy-breathe ™ technology to allow for easy breathing and comfortable wear.
    With advanced material technology, Pasture masks are designed to be worn for longer duration allowing for better protection and cost effective

Designed for Superiority

Pasture face masks are designed to provide optimal protection while ensuring
uncompromised comfort.

Comfortable to Wear
Recognized for their high-performing functionality, Pasture face masks offer unrivalled protection and specially designed for remarkable comfort for daily use.
PM 2.5 Tested
Pasture face masks have been tested and proven effective against PM 2.5 – the very fine and harmful particles found in airborne pollution proven to lodge deep in the respiratory tract and potential cancer causing compounds.
Patented 3D Design
Featuring patented 3-dimensional design, Pasture face masks are specially designed to fit contours of the face in a seamless manner reducing inward leakage of pollutants, thereby providing better protection.
Lower Leakage Levels
Distinguished by the unique Ezy-breathe technology, Pasture face masks are designed to offer secured protection with lower leakage while ensuring uncompromised comfort.

For The Seniors

While healthy living and better healthcare system are allowing us to live longer, we understand that comparatively-speaking the elderly have a weaker immunity and their respiratory system are more vulnerable to succumb to airborne pollutants.

Our aim is to arm you with the Pasture S95 Senior mask in the hope of protecting you from airborne pollutants and contaminants such as bacteria and viruses

  • Better Fit for Seniors
  • Breatheable and comfortable
  • Added protection to weak immunity
  • Helps protect against allergens and pollutants
  • Ezy breathe ™ technology – easier to breathe in

J·95 Junior Mask

Perfect for the little ones, the Pasture J95 Junior Mask is specially designed to offer kids cool comfort and effective protection.

Masks for different needs

Protecting the entire family and multi-generations, Pasture face masks are now available for juniors and seniors.

S·95 Senior Mask

Uniquely designed for seniors, the Pasture S95 Senior Mask provides the elderly with filtered ventilated air while keeping harmful airborne particles away.