Pasture Holdings begins operations at new and expanded cold chain warehouse

We have commenced operations at our new cold chain warehouse as of April 30. This welcome expansion comes following the approval of audits by the Health Sciences Authority to operate at our new premises.

Our new office and warehouse have a combined floor area of approximately 13,800 square feet – more than twice the size of our previous location at 24 Boon Lay Way. The new set up allows both office and cold chain areas to be adjacent to each other. According to Lloyd Soong, CEO, the proximity “will be beneficial… from a quality control perspective” and allow for “potential cost savings” as well as quicker decision-making.

The development of our new facilities and improved operations are centred around future growth and client satisfaction. The expansion is a strategic move in our multi-year growth strategy as the company tenders more distribution contracts across all our product lines and services.

We look forward to serving you more efficiently and effectively.

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