N95 Pandemic Masks

(Recommended For General Public Use)
Pasture Mask is one of two companies in the world with US FDA-cleared N95 respirators (Pasture F550G & A520G) that do not require fit test for general public use during medical health emergencies such as during pandemic.
Pasture N95 Pandemic Masks are both US FDA and NIOSH cleared to provide adequate protection against bacteria, virus (COVID-19, H1N1, seasonal flu) and allergens.

Pasture F550G

Pasture A520G

Be Prepared, Be Protected
2009 – Community guideline featuring former U.S President Obama and former U.S Secretary of Health and Human Services, former Division Head of U.S FDA, CDC Epidemiologist and CEO of Pasture Group

Airborne diseases like COVID-19, Tuberculosis (TB) and other respiratory tract infections rank amongst the top leading causes of death in the world. Other current major health threats include those from industrial pollutants, air pollution, infectious diseases e.g. influenza/pandemics.
Use of Pasture Masks allow individuals to live their lives as normal as possible, during times of medical emergencies with regards to airborne diseases.
Whether it be for personal use or occupational use, the wide range of Pasture Masks are suitable for every strata of users, from medical to public use – adults, seniors, children. You will be better protected against harmful airborne germs, haze, and other pollutants.