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The Hidden Danger

Living in developed countries, with all the amenities and high level of healthcare, we often take for
granted the air we breathe in to be ‘clean and green’ – until a medical emergency such as haze, influenza, pandemic or some airborne fallouts happen.

Invisible to the naked eyes are countless microscopic particles that can creep through our respiratory system and lodge deep into our lungs and cause breathing difficulties and other health problems that could become life-threatening.

N95 Pandemic Masks

(Recommended For General Public Use)

Pasture N95 Pandemic Masks are NIOSH certified to provide at least 95% filter efficiency level for non-oil particles to provide reliable protection against pollution, germs and allergens, and cleared by the US FDA for use by the General Public in public health emergencies (not designed for children).

Pasture Mask tm is one of only two companies in the world to have received approval by US FDA for selected N95 models (F550 G and A520 G) for general public use during pandemics.

With Pasture Mask – the air is “Safe2breathe” again!

  • With Ezy-Breathe Technology
  • High filtration protection
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Hypoallergenic
  • NO FIT TEST REQUIRED (previous test results fit approx. 90% of adult population)

Masks For The Whole Family

Pasture’s very own Junior and Senior Masks have been designed with children and elderly in mind to provide optimal protection whole ensuring uncompromised comfort for the young and old.

Regardless of age, our range of specially designed masks has the entire family covered, protecting you and your loved ones against pollution, germs and allergens.

How to wear a mask  ?

Pasture face masks are designed to provide optimal protection while ensuring uncompromised comfort.

Introducing the Pasture Junior J-95 Face and Senior S-95 Face Mask – Pasture’s very own masks designed with children and elderly in mind to better protect with greater comfort.

Pasture Junior J-95 Mask

As parents, we are constantly concerned about the health and well-being of our children. The slightest cough or sneeze can trigger tremendous panic of what is coming, especially in times of allergens or influenza seasons.
With the Pasture Junior J-95 face mask, we hope to give you peace of mind, knowing your child is better protected and taken care of during airborne medical emergencies.

Specially Designed For The Little Ones

Designed to fit children comfortably, Pasture’s junior-sized face masks help protect children anytime, anywhere with our patented 3-D design with Ezy-Breathe technology.

  • Fits well for children
  • Ease of use
  • Ezy-Breathe Technology – for smooth and easy breathing and cool, comfortable wear
  • With advanced material technology, Pasture masks are designed to be worn for longer duration allowing for better protection and cost effectiveness

Pasture Senior S-95 Mask

Whilst healthy living and better healthcare systems are allowing people to live longer, the elderly have a weakened immune system and breathing rate, making their respiratory system become more susceptible to illnesses.
With the Pasture Senior S-95 face mask, we aim to protect the elderly from airborne allergens, pollutants and contaminants such as bacteria and viruses.

Specially Designed For The Seniors

Pasture’s very own researched and tested face mask designed with understanding of breathing capacity of the elderly in mind, providing adequate protection and lower breathing resistance.
Our patented 3-D masks with Ezy-Breathe technology are designed to be breathable and comfortable.

  • Better fit for seniors
  • Ease of use
  • Ezy-Breathe Technology – easier to breathe in
  • Uniquely designed for seniors to provide filtered ventilated air for protection of weak immunity

Pasture Senior S-95 mask is available for sales in Shopee and Lazada Singapore. Click here to visit our authorised distributor:

For sales outside of Singapore, you may visit https://www.maskhave.com/ for available products.

Pollution Masks

Haze? No Worries!
Regardless of age, our range of specially designed Junior and Senior masks has the entire family covered.

Specially Designed For Secure Protection And Long-Lasting Comfort

Unique Patented Design

A unique patented 3D design contoured to seamlessly and comfortably fit the face, thus reducing leakage. Offers comfortable wear for the young and old.

Lower Leakage Levels

Lower leakage levels reduce inward leakage and exposure to cancer-causing pollutants, especially for elderly and children.

Comfortable Wear

With the unique Ezy-breathe technology, marrying function with comfort, Pasture face masks offer uncompromised protection, but also ensure optimal comfort at the same time.

PM 2.5 Tested

Pasture face masks have been tested effective against PM 2.5 pollutants, which has the ability to travel deeply into the lungs.