Singapore Investment News – Nanotechnology shapes up as the next big thing in Singapore

(2008). ‘Nanotechnology shapes up as the next big thing in Singapore’, EDB SINGAPORE, July.

Enhancing Capabilities
Singapore sees its dynamic nanotech landscape as a “horizontal enabler” that enhances the capabilities of other industries. It has some 50 companies, a mix of big and small, involved in various aspects of nanotechnology in many other industries. BASF, which established its first Asian research facility – the Competence Center for Nanostructured Surfaces – here in 2005 is one such company.
Homegrown companies have also been making waves. Pasture Pharma, a participant in the conference, and a proven player in the pharmaceutical world for its medical and pharmaceutical sourcing services, has introduced its revolutionary NT-V anti-microbial mask. The mask employs nanotechnology to not only filter airborne micro-organisms such as H5N1, MRSA and tuberculosis but actively kill these deadly micro­organisms too.

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