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Who We Are

Established and headquartered in Singapore since 1996, Pasture Group is a global pharmaceutical company with three subsidiaries under its wing – Pasture Pharma, Pacific Biosciences and Pasture Mask. Committed to caring for the health and well-being of the larger community, Pasture Group have made it our mission to constantly engineer solutions in anticipation of global healthcare needs all over the world.

Our Subsidiaries

Pasture Pharma Hub

Wholesale Procurement And Transhipment

Specialised in handling cold-chain shipment of oncology products, vaccines and other temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals requiring storage at 2-8°C.

Pacific Biosciences
International Dispensing And Drop-shipment

E-pharmacy provides dispensing of prescribed medications and international drop-shipment services for approved online pharmacies, utilising an international dispensing software system.

Pasture Mask
Mask And Respirator Division

Focusing on R&D of mask design and manufacture since 2005.
With US FDA and NIOSH approvals, Pasture Masks and N95 Respirators are recognized for their quality, safety and effectiveness.

Bringing You Our Passion

Pasture is one of only two companies in the world to have received approval by the US FDA for “Pandemic Masks”. Recognized for excellence in quality, we take pride in providing innovative products and services for our customers.

Lloyd Soong, President and CEO

Unique Filter Technology

Pasture face masks have been tested and proven effective against PM 2.5, otherwise known as fine particulate matter 2.5, which has the ability to travel deeply through the respiratory tract and into the lungs. It reduces exposure to cancer-causing pollutants.

Be Prepared, Be Protected

Community guidelines and health advisory video featuring president Obama and U.S secretary of health and human services Mr tommy Thompson

Airborne diseases like TB and lower respiratory tract infections rank amongst the top leading causes of death in the world
Other current major health threats from industrial pollutants, air pollution, infectious diseases e.g. influenza/pandemics.

Use of Pasture Masks allow individuals to live their lives as normal as possible, during times of medical emergencies with regards to airborne diseases, Whether it be for personal use or occupational use, the wide range of Pasture Masks are suitable for every strata of users, from medical to public use – adults, seniors, children. You will be better protected against harmful airborne germs, haze, and other pollutants.

Right Mask for the Right Task

Healthcare Personnel Use

US FDA cleared surgical masks and surgical N95 respirators, including Pasture 60S Surgical Mask which was specially developed by Pasture Mask for protection of dental practitioners.

Industrial & Occupational Use

NIOSH approved N95 Particulate Respirators prevent the development of respiratory illnesses caused by the inhalation of hazardous substances at work.

General Public Use

With the aim to protect you and your loved ones, Pasture’s very own researched and tested face masks were designed for the different needs to provide adequate protection and lower breathing resistance.

Lazada: Search “Pasture Mask” in https://www.lazada.sg/
For sales outside of Singapore, you may visit https://www.maskhave.com/ for available products.