Haze? I’m Ready.

Stay worry-free in every hazy situation
when you are well-prepared with Pasture Mask.

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FDA-Approved N95 Respirators

Pasture is one of the two companies that have received US FDA approval for selected masks for use by the general public in public health medical emergencies.

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Recommended by Professionals

With the US FDA and NIOSH approval, Pasture Mask is recognized for quality, safety and effectiveness – a brand recommended by professionals.

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4-in-1 iProtect

(N95 Respirator / Goggles / Head Cap / Neck Seal)

First-in-the-world NIOSH N95 respirator with protective hood. Distinguished for unrivaled quality and effectiveness. Potential protection against viruses such as Ebola, MERS COV, H5N1, H1N1, Bioterrorism, etc.

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Recommended by Professionals




About Pasture Pharma

Pasture Pharma is a subsidiary of Pasture Group, with its core business in wholesale and the procurement of vaccines, oncology and other pharmaceutical products. With growing international presence, the company prides itself with extensive global network across 80 countries, including the two Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Today, the company is responsible for up to 15,000 SKU’s, including oncology products such as Harvoni, Opelius, Kyprolis and Revlimid; and vaccines such as Flumist, Gardasil and Rabipur, to name a few Ixiaro.

Cold Chain Management

Pasture Pharma has received cold chain certification from the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) in Singapore for the handling of cold-chain, temperature-sensitive products (2-8°C). As a cold-chain certified business, Pasture assist our clients by shipping order directly to clients’ customers.

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Drop Shipment

Pasture strongly believes in the importance of building our business around relationships established with our clients and partners. With the high level of trust and confidence shared between Pasture and its clients, the business has branched out into offering drop shipment services, allowing Pasture to ship products directly to the clients’ customers.

For more information or questions about Pasture Pharma and its services, please drop us an email at sales@pasturegroup.com


North America Office

Pasture Pharma handles the procurement of pharmaceuticals and medical products to and from North America through our Associate Company PMI Canada, which also includes the distribution of medical products and surgical masks in Canada.

For more information or questions about our business operations in North America, please drop us an email at pasture@shaw.ca

Be Prepared,
Be Protected

Use of Pasture Masks allow individuals to live their lives as normal as possible, during times of medical emergencies with regards to airborne diseases. Whether it be for personal use or occupational use, the wide range of Pasture Masks are suitable for every strata of Users, from medical to public use – adults, seniors, children. You will be better protected against harmful airborne germs, haze, and other pollutants.

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About Pacific Biosciences

Acquired by Pasture Group in 2009 as a US joint-venture, Pacific Biosciences (PBS) is now a rapidly growing subsidiary of Pasture Group.


Pacific Biosciences were exclusive Distributor in Southeast Asia for Genzyme (Sanofi), Chiron vaccines (Novartis) and Spirig Pharma.

Pacific Biosciences is currently distributing their own products – Hart-S™ (sildenafil citrate), Hart-T™ (Tadalafil)  and Norvit™ (ondansetron) Oral Dispersing System (ODS).

For more information or questions about Pacific Biosciences and our services, contact us at service@pacificbios.com

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Int’l Dispensing Services

Pacific Biosciences provides international dispensing services to legitimately approved websites for patients with valid Rx. Medicinal products are procured from Manufacturers and Distributors, verified, packed and shipped to patients directly.

(Patients are required to know their respective country’s rules and regulations pertaining to importation of medicine for personal use.)

Certified by the US Pharmacy Checker and US Pharmacy Accreditation Services, the business operates with stringent compliance with local drug regulators (HSA). We do not dispense controlled drugs and narcotics.

Bringing You Our Passion

Pasture Group is one of only two companies in the world to have received approval by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for selected N95 masks for general public use during medical emergencies. Recognized for excellence in quality, we take pride in providing innovative products and services for our customers.

Lloyd Soong, President and CEO